VPN Affiliate Programs

VPN Affiliate Programs

The VPN business is big, really big. Nearly 25% of all internet users are using a VPN at least once every 30 days. All the big VPN services offer affiliate programs with high commissions. This means that there is a huge potential for affiliate marketeers. If you want to promote a VPN service as an affiliate; we’ve listed the biggest ones for you.

What is a VPN?

VPN stand for Virtual Private Network. If you go online using a VPN, then your internet traffic gets encrypted. This improves your online security and privacy. There are several reasons to use a VPN. For example:

  • To stay protected while using a public WiFi network.
  • To keep your internet activity and browsing history private for advertisers.
  • To access websites from a “different” location to get access to restricted entertainment content.

Reasons to promote VPN services as an affiliate

1. Recurring income

This is a huge plus! Many of the VPN affiliate programs offer recurring income. This means that as long as the person you referred stays as a client, you as an affiliate keep earning a percentage of the subscription fees. If you send a visitor to a good product, you can potentially earn money on this visitor for years. With recurring revenue share you can start building passive income for yourself.

2. Global campaigns and traffic

Most of the VPN services operate on a worldwide scale. It doesn’t matter if your visitors come from the USA, The Middle East, China or Congo. As long as they convert to paying customers you will get your commission.

3. Generous commissions

VPN services typically offer a revenue share of at least 30% to their affiliates. They often go as far as offering 100% revenue share for the first month for every new customers and a recurring 30% for all renewals.

The NordVPN Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates:
    • 1 Month memberships: 100% initial – 30% recurring
    • 6 months, 1 year and 2 year memberships: 40% initial – 30% recurring
  • Promo Tools: Banners, Screenshots, Infographics, Video Material (and more)
  • Webmaster Referral Program (2-tier)? No
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Adwords/PPC advertising allowed? Yes, but not on brand name

Why promote NordVPN?

  • Good percentage: NordVPN offers the best commission rates in the industry.
  • Also sells business licenses.
  • Works on all major platforms: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, BlackBerry, Windows Phone.
  • Accepts all mayor payment options, including Credit Card, Bitcoin and Web Money and local payment options.
  • Multilingual product

Visit NordVPN (and try it for free)

Sign up for the NordVPN affiliate program

The ExpressVPN Affiliate Program

  • Commission rates:
    • 1 month – $13
    • 6 months – $22
    • 12 months – $36
  • Promo Tools: To be announced
  • Webmaster Referral Program (2-tier)? No
  • Cookie duration: To be announced
  • Adwords/PPC advertising allowed? Yes, but not on brand name

Sign up for the ExpressVPN Affiliate Program

The ProtonVPN Affiliate program

  • Commision rates:
    • 100% for every new user
  • Promo Tools: To be announced
  • Webmaster Referral Program (2-tier)? No
  • Cookie duration: To be announced
  • Adwords/PPC advertising allowed? Yes, but not on brand name

Why promote ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN is from the same bright minds that are behind ProtonMail. Once you sign up for their affiliate network you can promote both services.

Try the free version

Try the paid version (with 30-day money back guarantee

Sign up for the ProtonVPN affiliate program

10 VPN Services with affiliate programs worth mentioning

1. The HMA (HideMyAss) Affiliate Program


2. The Surfshark Affiliate Program


3. The IPVanish Affiliate Program


4. The CyberGhost Affiliate Program


5. The Hotspot Shield Affiliate Program


6. The PrivateInternetAccess Affiliate Program


7. The StrongVPN Affiliate Program


8. The TunnelBear Affiliate Program


9. The VyprVPN Affiliate Program


10. The Windscribe Affiliate Program


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