The HBO Max affiliate program

The HBO Max affiliate program

Earlier we wrote about the Disney+ affiliate program and the Netflix affiliate program. There is high demand for streaming services like these. They can easily be bought online, but at the same time there is much competition. This makes them excellent products for affiliate marketeers to promote.

Today we’re going to look at the affiliate program of another streaming service: HBO Max. According to a recent TechCrunch article they are doing excellent in the US market with a 21% market share in Q1 2022. They only recently launched in Europe however, which means there might be huge opportunities for affiliate marketing there.

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  • For the US market we’ve found a HBO Max affiliate program at FlexOffers and TUNE.
  • For the European market we’ve found HBO Max affiliate programs at AWIN

HBO Max affiliate program for the United States

The main HBO Max affiliate program can be found through a link in the footer of the HBO Max website. It leads to where you can sign up for the affiliate program. It’s powered by TUNE.

Next to the TUNE affiliate program for HBO Max, you can also promote HBO MAX through FlexOffers. For each HBO Max sale you make through FlexOffers they pay you $10.20. Once again, this program is limited to US users only.

HBO Max affiliate program for Europe?

We checked many affiliate networks to see if there is an European affiliate program for HBO Max. According to the HBO Max website there aren’t any European affiliate programs.

In what territory is the HBO Max Affiliate Program available?:

The HBO Max Affiliate Program is currently only available in the United States. Any affiliates outside of the U.S. will not be able to participate in this program. Source:,

However, it seems like this info is out-of-date. We’ve found that there are affiliate programs for Norway, Finland, Sweden, Spain and Denmark.

HBO Max affiliate programs for Norway, Finland, Sweden, Spain and Denmark

Good news! We found affiliate programs for HBO Max in Europe. HBO Max can be promoted through AWIN in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Spain and Denmark.

The commissions are €5 for the monthly subscriptions and €15 for the annual subscriptions.

Alternatives to the HBO Max affiliate program

There are some good alternative streaming services to HBO Max that offer an affiliate program. These are the most popular:

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