Social Media Groups About Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Groups About Affiliate Marketing

The best way to learn about affiliate marketing is by interacting with your peers, but where do you find your fellow affiliate marketeers? The answer is social media groups. Did you know there are many communities on social media where marketeers ask each other questions about affiliate marketing and share their knowledge? Well, you do now! We created a list of the best social media groups for Affiliate Marketing. These are our personal favorites.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Groups on Social Media

Reddit: r/Affiliatemarketing

Our #1 recommendation. This Reddit community is definitely the most active affiliate marketing social media group. Over 22,000 members and always 30+ visitors online. The big advantage is that this community is actively monitored, which means no spam and civil conversations. Both starting and seasoned affiliate marketeers can learn a lot here.

Reddit: r/DigitalMarketing

Another Reddit page at #2? Yes! It’s hard to find social media affiliate marketing groups that aren’t full of low quality content, but the Reddit Communities are being moderated very well. Since r/DigitalMarketing has a lot of quality content and professional conversations it deserves the second place. The only downside compared to r/Affiliatemarketing is that it’s not entirely focused on affiliate marketing, but if you’re a webmaster you’ll find the other conversations interesting as well.

Facebook: Affiliate Marketing Ninjas

While this Facebook group is commercially owned, it stands out above the rest. There are over 34,000 members, the group is actively managed and there are real conversations. If you do any recruiting or self-promotion you’re banned, so it’s a clean group. Members help each other and try to answer questions other members ask here.

LinkedIn: Affiliate Marketing Group – Most Members in the Industry!

It’s true what they claim: they have over 38,000 members making them the largest affiliate marketing group. We’re not big fans ourselves though. There is only one administrator and it shows. Most of the posts are just low quality self-promotions with little interaction. However, if you ask a serious question here it’s likely that a few people will respond. For this reason it deserves to be on this list.

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