The Netflix Affiliate Program

The Netflix Affiliate Program

We’ve searched every corner of the internet for the Netflix affiliate program. In this article we tell you what we’ve found.

What is Netflix?

There is not much need for explanation here. An estimated 37 percent of the world’s internet users have Netflix. Netflix used to be a DVD-rental/mail-order service, but evolved into one of the worlds largest streaming services for movies and TV series.

Is there a Netflix affiliate program?

At the time of writing this article you’re about 7 years to late. Netflix used to have an affiliate program, but phased it out a long time ago. Affiliate Network FlexOffers used to have a Netflix affiliate program in 2012, but their page states that they “are not currently offering this affiliate program in our system” anymore.

Will there be a Netflix affiliate program?

We can only speculate about this question, but here are a few arguments why Netflix might start an affiliate program and some arguments why they wont.

Why there will be a Netflix affiliate program:

  • Competition is increasing fast! If Netflix wants to maintain their market share they might need to look into affiliates again. Currently they are loosing market share because of Disney+ and Amazon Prime. Two streaming services that do have affiliate programs (you can check out the Disney+ affiliate program here).
  • There is still high demand from publishers/affiliate marketeers. Each month there are over 1,300 searches from people worldwide for the term “Netflix Affiliate”.

Why there won’t be a Netflix affiliate program:

  • Netflix shifted it’s customer acquisition strategy from (affiliate) marketing to creating unique content with high demand. Netflix original series like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and Stranger Things .
  • At this point they can focus on a few big key players trafficwise. This would make it easier for them to track sales, without the need to maintain a lot of partnerships.

Alternatives to the Netflix affiliate program

There are some good alternative streaming services to Netflix that do offer an affiliate program. These are the best:

What if Netflix starts an affiliate program?

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