The IKEA Affiliate Program

The IKEA Affiliate Program

Have you been searching for the IKEA Affiliate Program? So have we! For a while it was unclear to us if IKEA even had an affiliate program, but after a lot of searching we found the info that we were looking for. We have good new for German affiliates! Everyone else might be less lucky…

IKEA Germany Affiliate Program on TradeDoubler

IKEA Germany used to be part of the AWIN affiliate network. However, TradeDoubler published an article on their blog in June 2018 that they were going to be the exclusive affiliate network for IKEA Germany. The IKEA Germany affiliate program can no longer be found in the AWIN Publishers Directory, but it is indeed availabe at TradeDoubler. The link to join the IKEA Germany affiliate program with TradeDoubler can be found here (instructions en details are in German).

The benefits of the IKEA affiliate program for Germany are pretty good.

  • A standard commission of 7% on the net basket value of each sale (excluding gift cards)
  • A higher commission is possible by arrangement individually.
  • All products (over 10,000) are accessible through the data feed
  • 30 days cookie duration

IKEA USA, Canada, Asia or Europe Affiliate Programs?

At the time of writing there aren’t any IKEA affiliate programs other than the one of IKEA Germany. We’ve searched far and wide and tried all affiliate networks we’re subscribed to. It seems that there used to be an affiliate program for IKEA Poland with TradeTracker, but it seems unavailable now. If there ever was an affiliate program for IKEA USA then it shut down years ago.

If you find IKEA offers with any affiliate network or if IKEA launches a new partner program and we haven’t written about it, make sure to let us know!