The Disney+ Affiliate Program [Update March 2020]

The Disney+ Affiliate Program [Update March 2020]

Disney+, the steaming service of The Walt Disney company is launching in November 2019 and one thing is for sure: the demand for Disney+ will be sky high! This is a huge opportunity for affiliate marketeers because they have a chance to jump on the bandwagon early. Will there be a Disney+ affiliate program?

Update March 2020: The Disney+ Affiliate Program is now international!

Great news! It’s now possible to promote Disney+ worldwide. The affiliate program of Disney+ expanded from a campaign for the Netherlands to a worldwide campaign! You can sign up for the Disney+ affiliate program at the affiliate network Daisycon.

The Disney+ INT Campaign on Daisycon

Disney+ Affiliate Link (created with Daisycon)

Sign up for Daisycon here

Update Dec 2019: The Disney+ Affiliate Program for Dutch affiliates!

Good new for affiliates from the Netherlands! You can promote Disney+ through Daisycon. This Dutch affiliate network offers €10 for each signup. A special thanks to Philip for notifying us about this Daisycon campaign!

The Disney+ NL Campaign on Daisycon

Disney+ Affiliate Link (created with Daisycon)

Sign up for Daisycon here

Will there be a Disney+ affiliate program?

Will there be a Disney+ affiliate program for the USA and other countries? So far, there are no hints for other Disney+ affiliate programs, so this is a difficult question to answer. If you take a look at other TV streaming services they all started out with an affiliate program. In the past years however, the biggest streaming services ended their affiliate programs (examples include NetFlix, Hulu and Amazon Prime). Once they have established their brand, they stop using affiliates to market their product.

Disney does use affiliate marketing for some of their other products. Both the official online Disney Store and the Disney Land Theme Park can be promoted through affiliate programs. If they want to use affiliate marketing to promote Disney+ then they already have the experience and the right network.

If Disney+ decides that customer acquisition is their top priority then they might start an affiliate program. However, since the brand is already this big it’s more likely that they will follow the other streaming services and thus that they won’t use affiliates to promote Disney+.

How to make money with Disney+ if there isn’t an affiliate program?

Many of the most successful affiliates focus on building quality content. If you can create good content then you can generate traffic. Not every article needs to be focused on direct money. Once you get the visitors to your site you can start cross-selling, meaning that you will show your visitors offers that are related to the content. With Disney+ you can think about selling Disney products (like toys and theme park tickets) or selling subscriptions to other streaming services (like Amazon Prime Video)

Other Disney products with Affiliate programs

Disneyland Paris Affiliate Program: You can get a commission on Park Tickets, Annual Passes and Disneyland Paris Hotels. Disneyland Paris can be promoted on the TradeDoubler Affiliate Network. You can earn 3,5% to 8% commission (the commission depends on the product sold).

shopDisney Affiliate Program: You can promote Disneys’ official online store, shopDisney through the CJ Affiliate Network. You can make 2% commission on all merchandise sold this way.

Other streaming services with (and without) Affiliate Programs

The best alternative for Disney+ would probably be Amazon Prime Video. You can get $3 for every free Amazon Prime Video trial signup. You need to signup to Amazon Associates if you want to promote Amazon Prime Video.

Hulu used to have an affiliate program on the CJ network, but this has been discontinued over 3 years ago. Then Hulu started a referral program of their own and offered $10 for every client referred to them. However, since April 29, 2019 they discontinued their referral program as well.

Netflix used to have an affiliate program where they paid $10 for each free trial activation, but Netflix stopped this program years ago. It doesn’t seem likely that this program will return any time soon.

Disney Affiliate Program Update Sep 2019

We’ve found a job vacancy on LinkedIN from a few months ago where the Disney Streaming Services company was been looking for an Affiliate Marketing Analyst for their “upcoming Disney SVOD service” (which must mean Disney+). The job description states that the Affiliate Marketing Analyst will play a critical role in supporting the launch of a global affiliate business from scratch for the forthcoming Disney SVOD service. This could be a serious hint that they will launch an affiliate program for Disney+ very soon!

What if there will be a Disney+ affiliate program?

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