The New Airbnb Affiliate Program: Airbnb Associates

Airbnb just launched a “real” affiliate program! With the old affiliate program it was only possible to earn Airbnb credit when you referred NEW members to Airbnb. Now Airbnb launched their new affiliate program called Airbnb Associates. With this new program you’ll earn 30% of the Airbnb service fee for EACH trip booked through your … Read moreThe New Airbnb Affiliate Program: Airbnb Associates

Amazon Associates greatly reduces affiliate commission rates

Sad new for affiliates! If you haven’t read the updates in the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement, this might come as a shock. It isn’t showing up clearly on their website yet, but starting on the 21st of April Amazon Associates is changing the Standard Program Fee Rates of multiple product categories… And they are … Read moreAmazon Associates greatly reduces affiliate commission rates

The Disney+ Affiliate Program [Update April 2020]

NOTE: AffiliBuddy is not an affiliate network and we do not operate/own/take care of the Disney+ affiliate program in any way. We are a news blog about affiliate marketing that has investigated whether there is a Disney+ affiliate program and where you can find it. Disney+, the steaming service of The Walt Disney company is … Read moreThe Disney+ Affiliate Program [Update April 2020]

The Walmart Affiliate Program

Most affiliate marketeer knows about the Amazon Associate Program since it’s the biggest affiliate program around. If you’re looking for a good competitor, you should check out the Walmart Affiliate Program. The affiliate program is not as well known, but Walmart has been expending their online sales in the USA tremendously in the past years. … Read moreThe Walmart Affiliate Program

The Binance Referral Program

The cryptocurrency scene offers many opportunities for affiliate marketeers and referral marketing. At the time of writing there are over 2300 (!) different cryptocurrencies with a total value of over $270,000,000,000. That’s right, 270 billion dollar. The largest and most well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. One of the largest companies in the cryptocurrency industry is Binance … Read moreThe Binance Referral Program

Social Media Groups About Affiliate Marketing

The best way to learn about affiliate marketing is by interacting with your peers, but where do you find your fellow affiliate marketeers? The answer is social media groups. Did you know there are many communities on social media where marketeers ask each other questions about affiliate marketing and share their knowledge? Well, you do … Read moreSocial Media Groups About Affiliate Marketing

The IKEA Affiliate Program [Update Feb 2020]

Have you been searching for the IKEA Affiliate Program? So have we! For a while it was unclear to us if IKEA even had an affiliate program, but after a lot of searching we found the info that we were looking for. We have good new for Dutch, Russian and German affiliates! Everyone else might … Read moreThe IKEA Affiliate Program [Update Feb 2020]