Ahrefs Affiliate Program (Update April 2019)

Ahrefs Affiliate Program (Update April 2019)

Are you looking for the Ahrefs affiliate program? Search no longer! We tell you everything you need to know about the Ahrefs affiliate program in this summary.

What you need to know now: The Ahrefs affiliate program has been closed. It seemed they were working on a new program, but all hints and details of this program disappeared with their latest update in February 2019. However, we do have a list of similar programs that do offer an affiliate program at the end of this article!

The Ahrefs Affiliate Program

The Ahrefs affiliate program started in 2011. They offered their affiliates a lifetime commission of 20%. This means that you would get 20% of the first sale, but also 20% of all rebills after the first sale. A great deal with great potential.

The Closing of the Ahrefs Affiliate Program

However, “Lifetime” didn’t exactly last a lifetime for the Ahrefs affiliate program. On April 15th of 2015 the Ahrefs team confirmed on Facebook that they closed their affiliate program.

A new Ahrefs Affiliate Program coming soon?

Since then, Ahrefs always had a link to their affiliate program in the footer of their site. If you visited the page you saw a message “Coming soon”. On this page Ahrefs offered a form to enter your email address to get notified once the affiliate program would go live. Of course AffiliBuddy subscribed to this, but so far we never got a single email about the program.

The Ahrefs footer with a link to their affiliate page (January 2019)

Around February 2019 they updated the interface of their website. With this update the link to their affiliate page was completely removed from their website. As of april 2019 The URL of their affiliate page just redirects to their homepage, so it’s most likely that there isn’t going to be an affiliate program fro Ahrefs soon.

The Ahrefs footer without a link to their affiliate page (February 2019)

Affiliate Programs for products similar to Ahrefs

If you were looking for the affiliate program of Ahrefs, we’re sorry to disappoint you: it doesn’t look like there is one coming soon. However, you might want to give these programs a try. They are similar to Ahrefs, so you might still be able to give your audience what they want and still make a buck out of it 🙂

BeRush: The affiliate program for SEMrush.

Best Affiliate Marketing Tool

Ahrefs is one of the best Affiliate Marketing Tools if you manage your own site and SEO. At AffiliBuddy we have a subscription and we use it daily.