Best Affiliate Marketing Tools 2020

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools 2020

So you want to make money as an affiliate marketeer? This is definitely possible, but it requires hard work in many different areas. You need be knowledgeable about creating and maintaining a website, online marketing, social media, advertising, conversion tracking, linkbuilding and much, much more. Chances are that you will need to do this all by yourself (since most affiliate marketeers start on their own). Luckily their are many tools that can make this process easier. We’ve compiled a list of the best affiliate marketing tools. These are all tools we at AffiliBuddy use ourselves on a regular basis.

SEMrush: Really an all-in-one marketing toolkit. Backlink audits, keyword research, competitor analysis and so much more!

Voluum: Cloud-based ad tracker with built-in optimization tools. Track your affiliate campaigns, let Voluum automatically optimize your landers and ad performance, get alerts whenever the performance of your ads changes.

Nifty Stats: Check your earnings from all of your affiliate programs in real time! Recommended if you are registered to a lot (10+) affiliate programs. Check your hits and earnings per day, per month, per year. Get estimates of your earnings per month.

Ahrefs: Check the domain ratings of your site and the sites of competitors. Get weekly alerts of backlinks and site rankings. Use Ahref’s keyword explorer to get new keyword ideas and learn how hard (or easy) it is to rank for certain keywords.

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a must have! Get insight in your visitors behavior. See from which sites they are visiting, which pages they go to, track conversions and ad keyword performance and much, much more!

Google Search Console: You need this for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. Track your rankings. Analyze your click through rate (CTR) and improve!

Campaign URL Builder: Create URLs with UTM codes so you can track them using Google Analytics.

Xenu Link Sleuth: Check websites for broken links

Website Monitoring Tools

StatusCake: Get alerts whenever your website goes down.