Best Affiliate Marketing Books

Best Affiliate Marketing Books

You can learn a lot about affiliate marketing from free online resources. While we do recommend reading a lot about affiliate marketing, it is often difficult to establish the quality of online sources. You might find that some blogs are written by people who haven’t made a single penny in affiliate marketing ever. Others might persuade you to buy their courses or trick you into “get rich fast” schemes.

Books can be a perfect solution because you can truly learn from experts. You get in-depth knowledge, insights and strategies. We’ve compiled a list of the best affiliate marketing books as recommended by experts and that we enjoyed ourselves.

1. From Nothing: Everything You Need to Profit from Affiliate Marketing… Starting With <$100

About the author: Ian Pribyl – Ian Pribyl started studying internet marketing since he was 16 years old. He has been founding and leading online business for over 15 years now. His current mission is to help people become independent by helping them create online businesses with recurring revenue.

About the Book: Ian offers a straight-to-the-point approach for starting your first online business. If you’re already a seasoned and successful marketeer, then skip it. If you think about starting your online business or if you have started it without much success yet, then you will have to read this book.

Ian first explains the characteristics of the companies that succeed in generating online revenue. He talks about the truths and the myths of internet marketing, about time dedication and when to expect results. He gives insights in how to find good niches and how to recognize your “buying audience”. You learn how to do a competitor analysis, how to create a website, how to do keyword research and how to write high quality content. After reading all the steps in this book you’ll have a great framework for how to monetize your online business.

2. Performance Partnerships: The Checkered Past, Changing Present & Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing

About the author: Robert Glazer – Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of possibly the largest performance marketing company around: Acceleration Partners. While Robert Glazer was CEO his company received awards for Best Performance Marketing Agency and Industry Choice of Agency by the International Performance Marketing Association. What more of an introduction does this book need?

About the book: This is a book for all CMO’s and digital marketers who are focused on profitable growth. Robert has been a pioneer and expert on affiliate marketing since it’s beginning, so this book offers great insights. Throughout the book, Robert also consults other affiliate marketing experts and top industry leaders. First it takes you back to the early years of affiliate marketing which gives you understanding of the network centric era and the birth of the performance fee. Robert then goes into more detail about the current state of the affiliate marketing industry. He talks about difficulties like conflicts and increased regulations, but he also provides insights in the differences between Europe and the USA and the growing importance of nontraditional partnerships. He also gives his view on where performance marketing is going in the future. An absolute must-read!

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