Best Affiliate Marketing Forums 2019

Best Affiliate Marketing Forums 2019

Forums are far from dead, even in 2019. Sure, starting a new forum is hard nowadays, but the established forums have grown bigger and bigger. We have compiled a list of the best affiliate marketing forums


AffiliateFix is the #1 forum for every affiliate marketeer. You can find a lot of free affiliate marketing resources. Use the “getting started” section to introduce yourself and your business. Visit the “Learn and share” section to update your knowledge about affiliate marketing. Increase the visitors to your website using the “traffic sources” section. They have a lot more sections and topics, so check them out!

Warrior Forum

Everything you need to know about Digital Marketing can be found here. The Warrior Forum goes beyond affiliate marketing (even offline marketing and programming is discussed here), but Affiliate Marketeers might find the Internet Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimizing, Ad Networks and the Affiliate Database sections really useful. Note that some section may require a paid membership.

GFY is the webmaster board for adult webmasters and affiliates. If you think about starting a 18+ adult affiliate site you might find useful information and contacts here. A lot of talk on GFY is off-topic though.

STM Forum

The STM forum is a premium affiliate marketing community. This means that you need to pay to get access. They do organize a lot of meet-ups, so if your looking for affiliate partnerships the fee might be worth it. You can check out a preview of the STM Forum for free.


WickedFire is a forum specialized in Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing Webmaster SEO. With over 2,000,000 posts from over 200,000 members you can’t go wrong here. Joining is free and they have a forum dedicated to newbie questions, so if you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing then this is a great forum to join!